Technology is baffling!

I’ve been spaffing about with my theme & colour scheme because like my 6 year old granddaughter, I can’t help fiddling but now I can’t put it back, this is the new normal 🤷‍♀️

I’m from a dying breed: The pre technology generation! There was 1 computer at school, pretty much for the sole use of the 6th form boarders; “Word perfect” for word processing & some binary 0s & 1s made some wizardry happen long before Harry Potter & his pals.

A friend taught me a now long forgotten combination of said 0 & 1’s to make a name, usually yours or that of your crush, roll on the monitor screen, we’d spend our time setting all the monitors on the displays in electrical shops in Oxford.

Wearing lots of liquid eyeliner and black tassled skirts, we were the ‘Didi Goths’, we hung around in sullen looking groups. A decade later than punks & skin heads (although there were those that still adopted the fashion & hung around Bon Square) the Didi reference because we were 2 or 3 years younger than the original ‘Goths’ which at 14 is some considerable age, many of them the younger siblings of the real Goths, we had our own square, Goth square for the days, time has erased the memory of its actual name & The Radcliffe Camera for drunken nights before they fenced it off to stop drunken youngsters adorning and sometimes decorating their steps.

I have very fond memories of growing up in Oxford in the late 80s early 90s, I’d forgotten so much until recently having reconnected all be it via Facebook (other social media is available) with faces from my past.

I’m ashamed I haven’t made the effort to stay in touch with many people, I think the embarrassment & numbness of a few years of anorexic drug addiction made me reluctant to stay in touch with some people, couple that with the misery of that life, years passed, life went on, more years passed, even that time in my life is like a vaguely remembered novel I once read, the memories surreal.

I like to watch repeats of “Inspector Morse” & “Endeavour” to catch a glimpse of my old haunts. Reconnecting with people has bought memories rumbling to the surface with the anesthesia of time to situations that once caused pain or embarrassment, let’s face it, we all have those 🤦‍♀️.

My 17 year old daughter’s taste in music also sends my mind to places it hasn’t been in decades, she listens to all the music I did at her age, fabulous taste obviously, so here’s to reconnecting with old friends to make new memories. Enough if my ramblings for the day!

G’Nite folks A x

#memorylane #middleagedread #agewisely #reconnecting #herbalife4life

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