Mind your own business!

This is so apt, we’re all guilty of judging others at some point, if only to make us feel better about our own circumstances. We’re also all guilty of having had a victim mentality, real awareness is when you realise other people have been the victims of you too.

Personally I receive judgement from those who think cleaning is a job that’s beneath them, despite being a graduate, worse still when they hear I’m also a Herbalife nutrition distributor 😲 surely not that pyramid scheme!! πŸ˜‰ I should point out my degree is in Sports Science & I have 2 years of nutrition as part of that degree. I have consistently used it for 6 years as a large part of my nutrition & training, I’m in the best shape of my life (when I slip in the diet department, despite the training element staying the same) I’m very definitely fluffier & yet they’d still rather believe some bloke in the gym πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Often our minds play tricks on us, someone doesn’t answer a text, so we run through all the scenarios as to why they haven’t answered; the scenarios often dependant on our mood… Good mood, maybe you assume your friend is busy or has started to answer then got side tracked (that might be more relevant to menopausal middle-aged women 😜) ..insecurity or negative mind set? Are they ignoring us, what could we have done to offend them & so on.. It’s often easier to believe the bad thoughts & then later on find out they were completely untrue. Why are negative things so readily accepted by the mind when positive energy has been proven to be many times stronger than negative, what are thoughts if not the energy given out by the host?!

There also appears to be an odd perception that disagreement (whatever the topic, politics, religion, climate change you name it) means you can’t be friends or you hate anyone with opposing views. I know people who delete people from social media because they have an opinion they disagree with. I understand the rationale of course but surely if we only interact with people with the same view point & there’s no one to challenge us & our views particularly if they’re biased, prejudiced or bigoted, then they become acceptable!!

Something to think about! Have a fabulous day A x

#middleagedread #herbalife4life #agewisely #bekind

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