Stuck in isolation

Well on Wed’s 20th (Oct) my older son (nearly 12) tested positive for Covid 19 on a lateral flow test before school.

The children routinely test (if consent is given by the parents) on a Weds & Sunday to try to stem the rising tide of infection in their age group. Fabulous idea you would think IF current legislation didn’t also state that asymptomatic double vaccinated people or under 18s didn’t need to isolate and are simply required to PCR test at day 2 & 8 from their close contact’s positive.

Fast forward to Fri his positive PCR is back confirming the positive lat flow & our tests arrive. My husband had only had 1 vaccination so had to isolate along with my son & because of said fundamentally flawed legislation I also kept my other 3 under 18s off school, 2 because they are nearly 7 & 9 and a 17 Yr old with only a single vaccination.

I was still able to shop, work & live as I pleased if I wanted to because I’m double vaccinated. I should point out when I work I’m alone and fortunately because I live in Wales UK not England, face masks are still mandatory in shops. I am still vigilant about hand sanitizer on the way in to shops and cleaning the handle of my shopping trolly or basket & fuel pumps etc probably more so because I knew it was in the house but yesterday the results of our PCR tests came back. Myself, my 17 yr old & my 7 year old tested positive. My husband and our other son (9) are negative so far. Today we have started to have symptoms!!

Let that sink in, I could have been wandering about contaminating people. My lateral flow tests were negative on the Wed’s, Fri & Sun!!! My children could have been to school. I chose to keep them off.

Absolute insanity 😳

Also I’m stuck in until 4th November, my daughter is 7 on Halloween, she’s stuck in too. I feel so sorry for her, it’s her birthday & Halloween is our favourite holiday.

I’m a runner fortunately I ran on Tues prior to test results, a remote undulating 13 + miles but 10 days oooh I pity my family when I’m not in bed chugging lemsip and throwing ibuprofen down my neck! 🤔😜 What happens with the other 2 remains to be seen. I have my fingers crossed they miss it but don’t hold out much hope. Stay safe folks

G’Nite A x

#covidsucks #staysafe #middleagedread

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  1. Think I’m just a couple of years older. 13-miles! 9 is my limit, and I usually stick to 6 (10K). I pity anyone who has to deal with my not being able to run, usually after an injury.

    Well wishes to you and to your family.


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