I really do have an amazing life!

What’s so amazing? If you slow things down & allow yourself to find real awareness, not worries, thoughts, plans for the future or dwell on the past but underneath the hubbub the senses tell you is the present, what do you notice?

I feel excited, joy & gratitude. I’m at peace with my life. At a smidgeon under half a century, the penny has dropped, my eyes are open & whatever other cheesy expressions you can think of (I draw the line at the woke 🤦‍♀️ it grates on me, like “moist” 🤢) In reality everything we ever are, do, feel or create is in this present moment. You can plan for the future of course but by the time your plans come to fruition or you take any action it’s already the present!

Blathering on about the past is an exercise in futility, it changes nothing unless of course you’re in the depths of therapy learning to desensitise to feelings associated with it that rob you of the joy of the present.

I’ve discovered active meditation, I’d always struggled with the seated deep breathing kind that might come to mind when you think of meditation, ADHD means to process I need silence (in my head not necessarily the outside environment) in order to quiet my mind I need activity of some sort so it’s been a game changer of sorts. It turns out a coping strategy I’ve used my entire life has a name. Mindfulness, apparently I’ve been using this to deal with my tumultuous emotional regulation for as long as I can remember. Centering or calming myself usually by focusing on physical feelings, sight or sound. It’s also helped me be aware just how much of the time I zone out completely, that’s alarming, I mean really. How much life do we waste in fruitless zone out 🤷‍♀️

When I was a child I used to imagine, all the time, plan, what if?!!! Now I’m learning more about the theory of power of attraction, I can see how powerful imagination is in the creation of belief & as the Bible says, all you have to do to receive is ask & believe with absolute faith. This isn’t always a good thing, worry is a kind of prayer too by focusing on something so hard you are in effect praying for that too! I can also see the evidence of this in so many situations over the course of my life it can’t possibly be coincidence. Science backing up my faith, I’ve said before I’m unashamedly God squad.

So why do I have an amazing life? because I realise the simple joy of existence in the moment, I hope you do too.

Have a wonderful day 💚

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