The power of attraction

Newton’s third law of motion states “for every action there’s an equal & opposite reaction,” for almost 50 years I believed that basically meant push something it pushes back, gravity, forces & the like, I haven’t thought much about it since I left school if I’m honest. However lately I’ve been doing some reading, quantum physics, philosophy & a book called the secret by Rhonda Byrne which was recommended to me by a friend & it’s definitely piqued my interest!

Very basically the idea is thoughts are energy, energy is a force;…my mind immediately thought ok so for a positive thought somewhere there must be a negative one in equal measure🤷‍♀️ 🤔 but NO apparently it’s so much cooler than that!!

Anyone that knows the current version of me knows I’m an irritatingly positive soul, (yea if you knew me in my 20s when I once won an award for moaning it might seem far-reaching but it’s true 😄)

The theory is you reap what you sow, the feeling energy you give out you get back, if you go forward in life with joy,love,forgiveness and all the good feelings you get these things back from God, the universe or whatever your bag but here’s the rub, if you’re unkind, jealous bitter, or any of the lesser emotions you get these back too. You create your reality with your faith, your belief that it will be. As the Bible says ask, believe, receive!

There is so very much more to it than that obviously but this s*** is blowing my mind! Seriously the more I research, the more I believe it to be true, the more I fine comb my past the more I see the evidence of things I manifested good & bad.

I’ll continue with my journey, always improving, learning & following my joy 😀 I urge anyone & everyone to read ‘The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,’ hell watch the movie on Netflix, get the audio book on audible & just see how it makes you feel, where it can take your mind.

Have an amazing life A x

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