I think I might be flipping bonkers!

On a whim ,during a late night messenger conversation with a friend, I’ve decided to run 50k on my birthday (New years eve) I’d like to say at the least there was some alcohol involved in the discussion but neither of us drink 🤣..Within 15 minutes, not only was it decided, we’d roped in at least 1 fellow runner for the full distance, several for 5 or 10k increments, roughed out a route, a pit crew to bring us water, (hydrate & cr7 from the Herbalife team) & decided to leave at 5am so we’ll be back by midday for food and a quick sleep and still be able to stay awake for the count down & fireworks 🎆

Wish me luck, I’ve no doubt regular updates will be forthcoming 🤣

September is storming along isn’t it!

#followyourjoy #notquiteultrarunner #herbalife4life

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