From long time no see to twice in a week!

I found this partially written post when I was revisiting my love of writing (aka talking about myself) there is something cathartic about discussing the rumblings of your mind in a forum that may or may not be visited at all, let alone by anyone you know! It’s from June, it’s now September my life has moved on significantly, revisiting where my mind was at various points from late 2018 when I started to journal to now has been fascinating.

Hello my lovelies, life has taken its toll recently, seriously I thought I’d got through Covid virtually unscathed. I’m ashamed to say there was very little impact on my life 🤷‍♀️. I didn’t work for 3 months which was financially interesting but in the great scheme of things it was fairly positive. (Funnily enough, I wrote about this earlier this week; September edit)

I went back to work when my youngest 3 children were really small because I’m self employed but the enforced confinement of lock down meant I was able to spend quality time with them. I am very definitely not a teacher but we did try and I really enjoyed their company, during the first lock down the weather in the UK was awesome & life was really good.

It was after things began to lift that life became taxing, work, home schooling, shopping, there was an underlying current of anxiety in the air, we were yet to have vaccinations, although local lock down measures had done something to reduce the numbers, schools were going to reopen, depending where you lived the UK was opening up. Yet every day (eventually every week) were the updates of the R number, projections for the winter, a new peak, more deaths, the strain on services and the continued segregation from peers and another lock down looming and we knew it!

The second lock down was harder on the nation as a whole, the nights were dark, the excitement of family Christmas plans were dashed at the last minute as lock down measures were suddenly reintroduced in areas where there had been some leniency in an attempt to help the crumbling economy, the rigidity of the old system reappeared to reduce the impact of a new variant.

Where my younger children had been happy to study in “Scleddau home school” it was a constant fight to get even the briefest academic work done & I didn’t want a fight, I didn’t & still don’t want my children to look back on this as anything more than an adventure, when we made light houses & box forts out of Herbalife boxes, playdough from flour oil & food colouring with recipes the teachers found us, Google classroom was where they caught up with their friends after so long and were together safe in our home.

Now it’s September there’s an easing of restrictions despite the Delta varient & ever rising numbers of infections, thus far the vaccination programme seems to be working because the fatalities are so much lower & many of the very ill are those who haven’t yet been vaccinated.

There is both a positive & pragmatic mindset to the nation, the world is opening up (rightly or wrongly,) people have learned a new way of working & living, Covid 19 is something we will have to live with, local lock downs are likely, if only as a fire break as new variants & mutations raise their heads & booster jabs are being discussed. I’m a firm believer you attract what you focus on, I stopped watching the news or reading the papers long ago, fortunately the nations fixation is no longer on Covid & positivity is returning but I hope the good bits remain…

Check on your neighbours, there’s shortage in the shops because of a lack of lorry drivers & produce while Brexit is worked out, leave something on the shelves for others, cook from scratch, get outside!! When you weren’t allowed out for more than an hour once a day you were desperate to go for a walk with your children. Remember the teachers, shop workers, cleaners & other essential workers as well as the doctors, nurses, porters and other hospital staff who kept the nation going when we could sit safely at home!

Have a splendid September! A x

#positivelife #covid19 #bekind

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