Wow what a year 2020 was & how quickly 2021 has ploughed along?!

Who could have ever conceived of 2020? The stuff of science fiction novels, an epidemic, bloody Brexit!

In truth though as with all negative situations if you dig a little there were tremendous things about 2020 for many of us. (All be it after the whole gambit of emotions adjusting first.) My husband & I approached it differently, he, like many others, became a day time drinker, he’s a fairly keen evening one at the best of times! 🤣

I used my hour of outside time to run, if the children didn’t want to go out, which they seldom did & passed the hours training & reading, usually about training. I was very lucky to be part of a Herbalife family, we moved all of our team meetings etc to zoom so I wasn’t completely isolated & we still have a Saturday morning catch up every week to this day.

The 2 younger children just accepted we would do some education during the first lock down, the older 2 were slightly less accommodating but still knuckled down, the schools & teachers were fabulous, teachers unsung heros, the community rallied there was a real blitz spirit.

For me personally, I spent time with my children, real time not the rushed moments, eating & shouting things like, “hair! Teeth!” Before the school run or berating lost reading books & prising technology out of their hands in an effort to get them to eat or bathe without the accompanying youtuber. My children flourished with the attention and family unit, I loved that it was a truly amazing time I’ll forever be grateful for.

Chris & I went through all the emotions, neither of us is good with change, this was a big change. There were times if he had breathed loudly or chewed his food so I could hear once more I’d have happily bludgeoned him & vice versa no doubt but for the most part we ticked along too.

So here we are in September 2021, I genuinely have no clue what I’ve done since the 3rd strict lock down was eased in January. My dreams of daily blogging will have to wait until 2022 when I’ll be half a century old but I’ll write as often as I can because it like exercise bring me joy. I firmly believe if you follow your bliss you find the true wealth in life.

Have a great day A x

#herbalife4life # gratitude #followyourjoy #findthepositive

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