Wow, where did the time go?!

When I originally signed up for a WordPress account it was to document a whole year in my life, from January 01- Dec 31 because my birthday is New year’s Eve & I can’t abide it so I was trying to shift my mindset.

However it was the same year my eldest daughter was moving home to Pembrokeshire West Wales from Oxford. I started well but eventually the whirl wind that is my daughter her partner & children took up what little time I had left (I have another 5 children & a husband too) and the blog sat on the back burner.

Fast forward to 2021 we’re stuck in the jobless, penny less, home schooling nightmare of Covid 19 and my mood is in my shoes.

Running has always been my escape but I’ve got plantar fascitis which it exacerbates so that’s out of the window for now & all my other training just doesn’t cut it!

The children are all but ferral, their diet is appalling, my house has never been so filthy and unkempt & trying to get any of them to do any flipping work is a nightmare. When they will commit to any kind of school work for 1 reason or another the link to Google classroom will work for every parent except me & I’ve spent days in tears. Very much not positive perky Alley that people know.

I finally reached out to the local autistic society support group to have a little whine about life (my younger children are all on the autistic spectrum or waiting to be assessed) but low & behold 1 of their teachers is also a member so my safe ranting space isn’t available either, although I should point out she was very nice.

Why this barely legible waffle? God is good all the time, all the time God is good, despite my original card for WordPress renewal being expired I just had a receipt. I figure I’ve paid for the year so here is my safe space to rant!

Other woman have redecorated, made their children box forts, playdoh and free range meals from scratch, which they actually eat. All while holding down their jobs, zoom meetings and pristine homes.

1 of mine hasn’t showered in a week much less washed his hair, ripped my wall paper, redecorated his & his sister’s room with Sharpie pictures of his LOL collection on the walls themselves, eats only microwave chips & mashed potato, another lives on rice cakes and frosting! I’m jobless (at least for now, thanks Covid) & my house looks like it’s been ransacked in a robbery.

Society suck, we tell people not to suffer in silence, to reach out if they need help and then judge them for “attention seeking” if they do it on social media!

Unattainable images of beautiful people,figures, lifestyle’s & everything inbetween set us up for failure. Success isn’t about things it’s about inner contentment,peace,happiness if you can find the path to yours you’re very lucky x

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