Day 2, busy busy

My little family is fast asleep, I got up and threw some kettle bells around in the vague hope of compensating for the huge amount of junk I’ve consumed over the Christmas period (other holidays are available!) To be fair I think I’d need to run an ultra marathon between now and new year to negate the chocolate alone but hey ho, it’s all about the mind set!

I have to work today, I look after people’s holiday homes. Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK is a beautiful palace and as such is a tourist influx in the Summer months (yes the UK has a summer!) it’s been my home for the past 20 years but I hail from a little village called Bladon in Oxfordshire, claim to fame, Winston Churchill prime minister during WW2 is buried there.

Anyway yep, I look after holiday homes, arrange repairs, make sure it’s ready for guests, sort linen, (sorry I’m messing with the colour bit of a fiddler) I like to think I’m in property management, in fact I’m a glorified cleaner, but the world needs us, I’m not ashamed and it feeds the family. In truth I’m only going to make some beds and turn the water on for relatives of the owner to come for new year, should new year have capitals? I’m thinking no because it’s my birthday I’ll spell it however I want.

After work I have a bigger job though. My eldest daughter (26 + partner, kids & cats) is moving home, I touched on that yesterday, a relative has very kindly agreed to rent her a house because it’s sitting empty, no bond or the usual cr*p that prevents people from moving, however when I say empty I mean no people live there. It still contains everything from the previous occupants. When I say everything I mean, food, clothing, paperwork,furniture, you name it, it’s there. Full to the rafters, not a problem you’d think, several runs to the tip and Bob’s your uncle but I know them and as such will need to bag everything for the individual people who now live in 3 seperate places and get it to them or at the very least offer them the chance to collect.

I like a challenge and think I’m a pretty positive soul, although my husband and children may tell you something to the contrary. The only draw backs are, Ce’Nedra my daughter doesn’t drive and is 250 miles away in Oxford so can’t help and will need collecting at some point with the grandkids, my children are off school for the holidays so Chris aforementioned long suffering husband is going to have to have the kids while I sort it and Ce’Nedra is moving ready or not on 12 Jan because she has to hand the keys back to her house by 14th and the kids start school in Wales then too. Despite this, I know it will get done, a bit of faith and a positive mind set goes a long way, will keep you posted x

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