Change of plans

Well I went to change the beds and various other things at work but sadly the hubster is a bit under the weather so I can’t start my daughter’s new home today..I went there though just to get a firm grasp of what I’m dealing with, I’m in 2 minds about it to be perfectly honest 1 corner of my mind is curled in the foetal position jibbering at the magnitude of the task..picture 1 of those houses belonging to horders you see on telly only they were abducted by aliens weeks ago but people only just noticed! the other bit is briming with optimism! it will get done if only I can think of something to do with all the furniture and get rid of the smell of cat pee 🤔😂.. watch this space…the sing along version of Greatest Showman,Connect 4 and Jenga await my attention with Jenson (9) and Lewis (6) and playdoh with Daizy (4) x

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