Too much choice

Just reading my emails this close to New Year and there’s a plethora or different options in the diet and fitness arena, last years big thing imo was keto and intermittent fasting, the year before was full of Joe Wicks 90 day plans and High Intensity interval training, this year we’ve added low intensity steady state to the mix and non exercise activity thermogenesis which as I understand it is everything you do that raises your heart rate or breaks a sweat that isn’t traditional exercise (or even the new trends) I should stress I’m not a fitness blogger, in truth I’m not really sure what kind of blogger I’m going to be given this is my second post; but I’ve found in my 46+ years on the planet the best fitness advice is consistency, whatever you will want to keep doing time after time is your best option and if you don’t enjoy it you won’t keep it up, the same goes for “diet” I despise that word because the connotations are to weight loss where in reality it just means what you eat and has been hijacked for the bad, you won’t keep up a paleo keto lifestyle if you hate everything about it, do you. Do what you enjoy and control the amount you eat, tweak and make changes, even small steps lead to great places x

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