The Journey Begins

So I had this whole blog post written out and I was pretty pleased with myself, but I looked up and poof, it was gone. This pretty much sums up 2018, never what I intended but always got there in the end ha! 

Ok so this blog encompasses life me, my 6 kids, my grand kids, our struggles with everything from health and fitness, parenting to mental health money  and everything else in between. 2 things are bugging me most today

Getting older, I’m 47 on 31 Dec 2018 and a new years eve birthday, the narcissist in me always hated my birthday. I didn’t want to share it, everyone else has new years eve woop woop, and a birthday but in a way I have neither.

This year I decided to stop being such a petulant child, I’m 47 all year from Jan 1 to Dec 31, that’s pretty damn cool, all tidy and neat, no fraying edges of days and dates here and there and as such I decided to blog it.

2018 was interesting, I dabbled in keto and intermittent fasting in the diet department, and added more weight training in the training department. I should stress I’m pretty in to fitness but I’m by means a cross fitter or ultra marathon runner, I’m more of a functional fitness enthusiast. For me exercise is like an antidepressant and as such I get it in. I have an ancient sports science degree so I like to keep abreast of things but it is by no means my whole existence, so don’t let it put you off.

My grand children came to live for a few weeks because my daughter was hospitalised and they’re moving down permanently with their mother and step dad in a few weeks, exciting times ahead.

I’m doing veganuary in January and sugar free February, how that goes remains to be seen, I hope you all had a great Christmas

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